naval architecture & marine engineering

Ferry / Passenger

Marine Atlantic

Lengkeek provides ongoing support to Marine Atlantic for their current fleet; “Blue Puttees”,“Highlanders” and “Atlantic Vision”.   Lengkeek had also provided support for the “Caribou”, “Smallwood”, “Leif Ericson”, “Atlantic Freighter”.

Client: Marine Atlantic

“Princess of Acadia” and “Grand Manan V”

We provided bow visor design and manuals for these vessels

Clients: Northumberland Ferries Ltd and Coastal Transport

“Mariya Yermolova”

Lengkeek visited this vessel to complete a suitability and pre-purchase survey for our client.


Conceptual ferry design for Bell Island, NL

Polar Star

Lengkeek led the first conversion of a Swedish navy icebreaker to a 100 person expedition cruise ship.

This project included surveys, engineering design, Class and DNV approvals, project management and on-site supervision.


“Harbour Queen” & ” Haligonian III”, Lengkeek has provided intact and damage stability engineering to Murphy’s as well as miscellaneous engineering for the “Mar”.

Lengkeek has also been involved with amphibious tour vehicles such as “Seymour Splash” and the “Harbour Hopper 1, 3 & 4”.

Client: Murphy’s on the Water