naval architecture & marine engineering


“Scan Stigandi”  SCAN Geophysical ASA

Lengkeek worked with Norwegian owners and designers to produce detailed shop drawings and pipe spools for fabrication of the 3D Capable Seismic Vessel from a fishing trawler.

“Astro Canopus”

We completed a pre-purchase survey for a 158,000 TDW crude oil tanker.

The C.S. “Agile” and “Bold Endurance”

These vessels were both converted from a Russian LASH type vessel to a cable-laying vessels.

“Theodore Too”

This tugboat has been a challenging and rewarding project for our company. Theodore Too weighed in at 105 tons, 65 feet long and 22 feet in the beam. He has a draft of 7 feet 3 inches and large realistic hydraulic eyes.

“Cast Polarbear”

After striking an iceberg this vessel required Lengkeek’s engineering assistance in patching a large hole in the bow to make a temporary repair allowing completion of it’s overseas voyage.

“Jolly Roger”

Lengkeek created a proposal for the replacement of old wooden tour boats in Barbados.

“Balmoral Sea”

Lengkeek righted this vessel after an onboard fire was causing it to overturn.